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This eBook will dive deeply into artificial intelligence and how Chat GPT and other A.I. tools can help you grow your business!

How to Generate More Leads, Execute a Multichannel Marketing Plan, and Grow Your Business

In the Half the Time and Money It Would Take You If You Tried This Without A.I. Marketing Automation

The problem most realtors (and anyone in the services industry) have is you know you need to execute a strong marketing plan to grow your business, but with all the content, and assets that need to be put into place, it makes it virtually impossible to execute a multichannel marketing plan without an army of marketers and sales professionals on their side. This guide changes everything.

The days of big-budget big tech companies and mega teams having the advantage are over.

This tool and other A.I. tools are the most significant technological breakthrough we’ve seen in years. You don’t want to sit on the sidelines on this one! Let’s get started.

This eBook Includes:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  • ​Chapter 2: Database Management
  • ​Chapter 3: Lead Generation
  • ​Chapter 4: Lead Follow Up
  • ​Chapter 5: Social Media & Video Marketing
  • ​Chapter 6: Lead Conversion
  • ​Chapter 7: Client Experience
  • ​Chapter 8: Business Growth & Agent Attraction
  • BONUS: Marketing Strategy Prompts
  • ​BONUS: PR Media Prompts
  • ​BONUS: Product / Email Marketing
  • ​BONUS: Facebook Marketing Prompts
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"The text messaging has been huge, and I think it's changing the way people respond to stuff. They don't want to pick up the phone. The Text messages work and I am highly satisfied." - Katie O.

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I would recommend this service to anybody who wants to grow their business outside of trying to compete with the next listing agent in their market! - Frank W.

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I am a highly satisfied REN customer and I'm so excited about the future! 5 listings in under 30 days are really great for me! It works if you work it; you just need to work at it. - Amy I.

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Real Estate Nexus is keeping me organized and I see my business quantum leaping in 2022. I would tell anyone to just give it a shot, it's worth it! - Lori L.

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REN is a phenomenal partner, there's no reason not to work with them. Based on my schedule and call volume, I make 1 - 5 listing appointments and 1 - 5 actual listings per month. It doesn't matter the market. I don't know how they do it [REN] but they get me people that are ready to list. They're all great leads! - Jon M.

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I have been a very satisfied client with Real Estate Nexus! If you're on the fence about doing something with them, I absolutely recommend just biting the bullet and taking a chance! As of today, I've gotten $250,000 of commissions in the books just waiting to close in the next 30 days.
- Dawn F.

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