AI & Business Growth Experts: We implement cutting-edge AI and proven business models to help you achieve multi-million dollar success.

The #1 A.I. Powered Business Coaching that helps RE and business Pros install an operational System to scale a multimillion dollar company, build wealth, and live life on their own terms 

Here's how we help you build a profitable business faster and with less headache 

Step 1: A.I. Lead Generation   

Learn how to use A.I. and Proven Lead Gen Systems to generate and qualify leads. 

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Step 2: A.I. Lead Conversion 

Level A.I. technology, and proven lead conversion system to book appointments into your calendar and work more warm leads. 

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Step 3: A.I. Service and Support

Learn how to use A.I. powered service and support to provide better service for your clients. 

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Step: 4 A.I. technology 

Learn over 100 ways to leverage A.I. and Smart tech to be more producitvity and grow your business more profitably. 

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Step 5: A.I. Operational Systems 

Learn how to attract top talent, keep them happy and Install and Operational System to help your business run with effectively and profitable without you needing to manage everything. 

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Step 6: Scale 

Develop a system to scale your business and create multiple streams of income. 

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Step 7: Exit 

Develop a leadership team to run your business with you or without you. 

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step 8: Money models

Learn a money models proven to create wealth over time.  

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Here's what you get when you join the Growth CEO Coaching and Consulting Platform

Renegade Basic


  • REN University 2.0
  • ​Lead Gen & Conversion 90-Day Challenge
  • ​1 Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • ​Lead Gen & Conversion Playbook
  • ​Accountability Calls
  • Ren 360 Basic: $97  a month Free of Charge
  • ​Bonus: Listings Domination Secrets


Growth pRO


  • ​REN University 2.0​
  • ​Renegade CEO 7-Figure Blueprint and Resources Page
  • ​Broker Lead Program - Google PPC Leads and Facebook Leads (one-time until first closing) 15% referral
  • ​High Note Presentation Software
  • ​2 Mastermind Coaching Calls Per Week: Mindset, Lead Gen, and Team Building
  • ​Bonus: REN 360 Level 1 Service

Growth Elite


  • ​Everything in ​Renegade Pro Service
  • ​10+ Team Members Added to Your Services
  • ​Renegade CEO 8-Figure Blueprint and Resources Page
  • ​Broker Lead Program - Google PPC Leads and Facebook Leads (100 per month) 15% referral
  • ​1-on-1 Coaching Session (once a month)
  • ​3 Mastermind Coaching Calls Per Week
  • ​Discounts on REN 360 Level 2 and Level 3 Services

Growth CEO


  • ​Everything in Renegade Pro and Elite Services
  • ​20+ Team Members Added to Your Services
  • ​Renegade CEO - Wealth Creation Blueprint and Resources Page
  • ​Broker Lead Program - Google PPC Leads and Facebook Leads (200 per month) 15% referral
  • ​In-Person Training & Coaching (once per year)
  • ​Renegade Millionaires Club - Coaching Sessions with Founders (4 per year)
  • ​Private Community Group Chat with Founders and Free Tickets to In-Person Boot Camps


Sign Up Today And You're 100% Covered By Our (NO Fluff) Satisfaction Guarantee

I stand behind this program (and all of my products and services) 1000%.

This program is like no course you’ve ever seen. There’s no fluff here, only practical information that has been proven to produce consistent, repeatable results for the agents who implement what they learn.

If you’re willing to commit to doing the work and what I teach you, I am willing to back you with a full satisfaction guarantee. 

I will happily refund your payment.

​No hassle, no funny business.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

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You'll Learn Cutting-Edge Marketing Techniques, Access Powerful Technology, and Implement New Strategies...Together!

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