Put Your Lead Generation, Lead Follow Up and Social Media on Autopilot

We provide all the A.I. powered sales and marketing tools you need to draw more business from your database, generate new opportunities, and build a brand with video

And you don't need to be a tech wizard to use it! 

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The Tools You Need

To Succeed!

The Ultimate Marketing Tool to Generate and Convert More Leads Fast with Less Hassle

The Ultimate Marketing Tool to Generate and Convert More Leads Fast with Less Hassle

  • ​Manage Your leads within One Simple View 
  • Track your Leads at every stage
  •  Speed to Lead And Long Term Campaigns
  • ​Done-For-You Marketing Content 
  • ​Video Scripts and Editing Tools
  • Automated Social Postings and Content Creation
  • ​Prospecting and Follow Up with text, email, and Phone
  •  Automate Your Postcards and Gifts 
  • ​Open Office Hours & Implementation Workshops
  • ​Track all Your Metrics ​

REN 360 Gives You All the Tools and Strategies You Need
in One Convenient Location!


Manage All of Your Applications From One Dashboard

Save time and reduce hassle by syncing all of your most frequently used applications onto one dashboard. 

Simply drag and drop tiles into the different categories and add custom tiles you don't see. 

  • ​Never worry about remembering a password again 
  • ​Be more productive by having everything in one place
  •  Provide unique value for your team 

The REN Dashboard is completely customizable and user friendly. Connect all of your favorite apps and start utilizing it today! 

Lead Management

Every business needs leads AND a system to convert them into clients.

At REN 360, we make it easy to connect all your lead sources directly to our platform. This will give you one central place to manage your pipeline, regardless of the source.

  • ​Simple and easy-to-use marketing tools!
  • ​Email ​Marketing Automation!
  • ​Quickly Build Marketing Materials and Campaigns!

Once the leads hit our platform, you can automatically assign them to the correct person in your organization.


Lead Generation and Lead Conversion

Generate new opportunities is specific geo farms. 

Simply drag-and-drop leads from any area into our marketing software and launch a multi-channel marketing campaign through email, direct mail, ads, and more. 

Generate new leads on demand from all the major social channels. 

  • ​Add leads with a click of a button 
  • ​Draw opportunities out of your geo farm
  • Start reaching out and retargeting old leads in your database

Lead Follow-Up

Manage your conversations!  

Your leads will never go cold or slip through the cracks again.

Problem: 80% of sales require 5 or more follow-up attempts, but 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up.

Solution: REN 360 automates your follow-up using drip marketing campaigns. We maximize sales conversions by ensuring multiple “touch points” throughout the sales cycle. Email, video email, video text, text, postcards, and more. 

  • ​Simple and easy-to-use marketing tools!
  • ​Email ​Marketing Automation!
  • ​Quickly Build Marketing Materials and Campaigns!
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Social Media and Video Marketing

Stop losing business from your sphere and generate new opportunities.

REN 360 makes it easy to post effective content across all your major social platforms automatically. 

  • ​Upload your content and schedule posts 
  • ​Use done-for-you video scripts and hashtags 
  • Take your social media and brand to the next level

Lead Conversion

Stop cold calling and door knocking and start working with leads that are responding to your marketing efforts. 

REN 360 not only helps you generate and nurture leads, we also have workshops to help you convert those leads into closings. 

  • ​Learn how to convert leads in your database​!
  • ​Launch customized sales funnels for different leads!
  • ​Learn video marketing best practices!
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Client Experience

Generate more referrals by leaving a lasting impression on your prospects and clients with automated gifting campaigns. 

Easily track prospects as they transition from a new lead to a new client. You can even trigger automations by simply clicking and dragging a contact from one stage to another.

  • ​Upload your current database of contacts
  • ​Rank your contacts from hot, to warm, to cold
  • Start reaching out and retargeting them with the proper content

Building a Sales Team

Double your sales team's productivity with our powerful marketing tools. 

  • ​Simple and easy-to-use marketing tools
  • ​Email and Facebook Marketing Automation
  • ​Quickly Build Marketing Materials and Campaigns

Access done-for-you templates and reference material so you know exactly what to say and how to say it!

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Hear From Our Clients

"The text messaging has been huge, and I think it's changing the way people respond to stuff. They don't want to pick up the phone. The Text messages work and I am highly satisfied." - Katie O.

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I would recommend this service to anybody who wants to grow their business outside of trying to compete with the next listing agent in their market! - Frank W.

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I am a highly satisfied REN customer and I'm so excited about the future! 5 listings in under 30 days are really great for me! It works if you work it; you just need to work at it. - Amy I.

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Real Estate Nexus is keeping me organized and I see my business quantum leaping in 2022. I would tell anyone to just give it a shot, it's worth it! - Lori L.

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REN is a phenomenal partner, there's no reason not to work with them. Based on my schedule and call volume, I make 1 - 5 listing appointments and 1 - 5 actual listings per month. It doesn't matter the market. I don't know how they do it [REN] but they get me people that are ready to list. They're all great leads! - Jon M.

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I have been a very satisfied client with Real Estate Nexus! If you're on the fence about doing something with them, I absolutely recommend just biting the bullet and taking a chance! As of today, I've gotten $250,000 of commissions in the books just waiting to close in the next 30 days.
- Dawn F.

Pricing Options 

Standard Package For Individuals and Teams
or Done-For-You Build-Out and Marketing Services

Only Pay For What Your Business Needs...

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Here Are Some FAQs of REN 360

 Do You Offer Support 24/7?

Yes we do offer support 24 hours a day via contact us or our REN ticket system. Please note that telephone support is limited to normal business hours (EST).

 Where Can I Access Past Coaching?

Currently, you can access past coaching recordings on the REN Dashboard. It's quick and easy to create a free account that offers all your apps in one single place.

 How much do I pay after my free trial?

After your 14 days of free service it's only $97 per month to continue with the Conversion IQ software. If you have additional questions on what's offered with the $97 service, simply check out our "Features" page.

 How does Artificial Intelligence work?

Our artificial intelligence scores your leads by tracking online behaviors related to real estate! Just like how Google and Facebook retarget ads towards your browsing history, REN AI is able to score your leads HOT, WARM or COLD based on their likeliness to buy or sell a home!

 How Do I Set Up My REN Apps?

You can reach out to your marketing coach to initiate the process for REN App access or simply contact us.

 How Do I Log Into The REN Dashboard?

Navigate to the REN Dashboard and create an account under “sign up here”. If you’ve already created an account, you can simply login using your email address and password.

 Can I sign up to the Done-With-You service if I'm on a free trial?

Yes! If you like what you receive on the Conversion IQ free trial, you're going to love the done-with-you approach to organizing your database and setting up your marketing campaigns. Please schedule a free strategy session with one of our directors to learn more.

 How much is the Done-With-You Database Pro service?

Database Pro Level 1 is a unique service customized to you and your business. Each package and pricing is tailored specifically to your needs. If you're curious about what we can do for you, simply schedule a free strategy session with one of our directors to learn more.

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