Your database is one of your most valuable assets!

REN 360 Helps Real Estate Teams and Business Owners Generate More Sales from Their Database in Less Time Using the Power of a Central Operating System and Personal AI Assistant

It's Everything You Wish Your CRM Did but Doesn't Do.

 REN 360's Central Operating System (COS) - or what we call our smart dashboard - is like having a team of the smartest marketers, inside sales reps, and business consultants working for you at a fraction of the cost. Sync the tools you use to grow your business to one dashboard + much more.

The Old Way of doing business involved manually doing everything yourself to grow your business (or, if you were successful enough, hiring someone to help). The New Way uses AI and Smart Technology to get all of your tasks started, then you or your employees step in at the end to take it over the finish line. REN 360's Smart Dashboard helps you do that...

REN AI is your personal marketing and sales assistant that can outperform a highly paid team of marketing pros or inside sales experts. It's like ChatGPT, but better. It has been programmed to help you generate amazing sales copy, develop social media content, and very soon be able to have conversations through phone, email, and text. It can also track behavior in your database, so you can market to targeted lists. A.I. Calling Assistant is an upgrade and is in beta right now. 

Generate leads with our AdBoost software on Google and Facebook in three simple steps. Effortlessly set up powerful lead generation campaigns in minutes. Utilize the tools independently or engage our expertise to drive leads for you. Save thousands in management fees. Use REN AI Assistant and REN Conversion IQ software to follow-up with your leads or have them flow right into your own CRM.

Create amazing social media and video content to build your brand authority, and schedule it in advance to go out on all major social media platforms. 

REN Conversion IQ is a cutting-edge sales system and CRM tool that allows you to nurture your leads into booked appointments. Conversion IQ makes it easy to set up & send 1-to-1 follow up campaigns, automated campaigns, and promotional marketing campaigns to a large group of leads through multiple channels. Take the content from REN Create and use it in REN Conversion IQ.

Get access to all the AI tools and technology that you will ever need for marketing, sales, service, and business growth. Pre-negotiated prices will save you thousands.

REN Create takes your content and instantly creates marketing flyers, Facebook ads, Google ads, longform social posts, texts, and emails. This content can be used in promotional marketing campaigns for events, lead generation campaigns to your database, and can even help you market your listings.

Join our impactful workshops for support, fresh insights, and advanced learning in marketing, sales, and technology. Our workshops will give you and your sales team the skills needed to double your conversion rates and referrals.

Customer Stories...

Leverage Cutting Edge Technology and Marketing to Grow Your Business Today! 

"The text messaging has been huge, and I think it's changing the way people respond to stuff. They don't want to pick up the phone. The Text messages work and I am highly satisfied." - Katie O.

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I would recommend this service to anybody who wants to grow their business outside of trying to compete with the next listing agent in their market! - Frank W.

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I am a highly satisfied REN customer and I'm so excited about the future! 5 listings in under 30 days are really great for me! It works if you work it; you just need to work at it. - Amy I.

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Real Estate Nexus is keeping me organized and I see my business quantum leaping in 2022. I would tell anyone to just give it a shot, it's worth it! - Lori L.

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REN is a phenomenal partner, there's no reason not to work with them. Based on my schedule and call volume, I make 1 - 5 listing appointments and 1 - 5 actual listings per month. It doesn't matter the market. I don't know how they do it [REN] but they get me people that are ready to list. They're all great leads! - Jon M.

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