For Business Owners Who Are Tired Of “Trying” And Still Not Achieving the Level of Success They Deserve...

Your Personal Invitation to Join...

Myself and An Elite Group of Real Estate Entrepreneurs Who Are Dedicated to Building a 7-Figure Business Using Digital Marketing and Modern-Day Sales Strategies, Without Paying High Broker Splits or Figuring Everything Out on Your Own

"Maximize your Commissions, Create Multiple Streams of Income, and Build a 7 Figure Brand That'll Give You the Financial Freedom You Deserve."


Discover Renegade Group's expertise in A.I.-driven marketing and modern sales for 7-figure businesses. Please click the link below to book your call.

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What Is 


We are a group of real estate professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs that have a burning desire to hit our goals, stay and the cutting edge of marketing, and are focused on adding value to as many people's lives as possible.

Question: What benefits do I get if I join the Group?

This is Why You Need to Join the Movement...


Get access to over $20k in coaching and consulting benefits when you join...


Get access to EXP's amazing platform, as well as limitless growth opportunities...

Question: What are the Renegade Award Winners doing that I'm not?

If you're looking to get to 7 figures and create multiple streams of income, you found the right place... 

The Time is Now! 

If your feeling stuck, then it's time for a change. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear From Some of the Growth CEO Coaches and Active Members!

What you get access to:

Now’s Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To TAKE IT...

This is the way.

  •  Free State of the Art CRM and Marketing Automation 
  • ​ 17+ lead Sources 
  • ​​Custom Content for Lead Follow Up and social Media
  • ​Lead generation and Lead Conversion Work shops 
  • ​Scripts and Dialog Training 
  • ​The Sales Acceleration Blueprint Master Class
  • ​Business Acceleration Blueprint
  • ​Listings Domination Secrets 
  • ​Video Marketing Secrets 
  • ​Social media Secrets

So when I say,

This is the quickest, most cost-effective way to get to 7 figures or more in your business without having to pay high splits to brokers or take a ton of money out of your pocket to figure digital marketing out on your own. 

Imagine what would it be like 12-24 months from now...

What would it be like 12-24 months from now to be knocking on the door to financial independence and having a blueprint in place to build wealth.  I’m literally showing you the path.

All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other... and apply now to join the Renegades today!

When You’re Part of Our Mastermind Family...

You'll Learn Cutting-Edge Marketing Techniques, Access Powerful Technology, and Implement New Strategies...Together!

We'll Learn How to Build an Awesome Business...

As well as share incredible bonding experiences where we can connect, network, and create long-lasting relationships!

We understand that these relationships are the KEY to a thriving business.

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