Growth CEO Scorecard

Score yourself 1-10 on how accurate you feel your actions are on these tasks.

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1) Setting clear, attainable goals personally and professionally

Importance: Setting clear and attainable goals helps to provide direction, focus, and motivation, enabling you to achieve greater success both personally and professionally.

2) Having a plan and budget in place to achieve those goals

Importance: A well-defined plan and budget allow you to allocate resources effectively, minimize financial risks, and ensure that you stay on track toward achieving your goals.

3) Tracking your progress to make improvements

Importance: Regularly monitoring your progress helps you identify areas for improvement, adjust your strategies accordingly, and maintain momentum towards your goals.

4) Operating with a consistent personal and professional routine to maximize your productivity

Importance: Consistent routines promote effective time management, reduce stress, and enable you to optimize your productivity, leading to greater success in your personal and professional life.

5) Executing an effective modern day marketing plan with appointments set for you and a consistent flow of warm opportunities

Importance: A strong marketing plan generates a steady flow of leads and opportunities, setting you up for success each week and ensuring continued growth for your business.

6) A consistent flow of new agents joining you and helping you grow your business

Importance: Attracting new agents enables you to expand your team, leverage their skills and expertise, and foster a collaborative environment that drives overall business growth.

7) Systems in place to optimize your marketing, sales, service, technology, and operations

Importance: Efficient systems streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ensure smooth functioning across all aspects of your business, ultimately contributing to increased profitability and success.

8) A financial plan that moves you towards building multiple streams of income and wealth from the profits of your business

Importance: A robust financial plan helps you diversify your income, build wealth over time, and ensure financial stability, both for your business and your personal life.

9) How strong is your burning desire to achieve your business goals, your openness to trying and being coachable, and your level of desire to add value to people's lives above just getting rich

Importance: A strong desire for success, willingness to learn, and a genuine commitment to adding value to others' lives not only drive personal growth but also foster trust, loyalty, and long-lasting relationships with clients and partners.

10) Are you giving back to your community to make it a better place

Importance: Giving back to your community contributes to its overall well-being, strengthens your connection with others, and enhances your reputation as a socially responsible business leader.

Evaluate your total score and identify the areas where you excel and the areas where there's room for improvement. Use this insight to create an action plan for enhancing your personal and professional growth, and track your progress over time. Remember that achieving high scores in these areas is crucial for realizing your full potential and enjoying long-term success.

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